Vipin Kapoor
Director @ Kapsons

In1989 people, fashion started a new language. People were shifting from tailor-made clothes to readymade brands and that was a good time to start this business. Read more

Darpan Kapoor
Director @ Kapsons

The inspiration to do something that could make a mark in the society was the idea behind Kapsons. We ventured into this market at when the time was right to get into this business.Read more

Akshay Kapoor
Director @ Kapsons

My vision for Kapsons is to see more than 100 stores of Kapsons and Kapkids brands in the North of India. We have aced the fashion industry business and are loved by our customers for the past 30 years. Read more

Tushar Kapoor
Director @ Kapsons

After graduating from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research with a Master’s degree in Family Business Management, an experience I describe to be nothing short of

Daksh Kapoor
Chief Marketing Officer @ Kapsons

Daksh Kapoor is the Chief Marketing Officer of Kapsons Group. As head of Marketing and Communications, Daksh presides over the creative sphere of the company’s growth. Read more

Raghav Kapoor
Chief Operating Office @ Kapsons

Ingenious, tenacious, and immensely determined toward work, Raghav brings a wealth of creative and global experience to the position.
His recent successful stint is Knockout-Kapsons Alliance,Read more