Mr. Darpan Kapoor

The inspiration to do something that could make a mark in the society was the idea behind Kapsons. We ventured into this market at when the time was right to get into this business. There was a shift from made-to-order to readymade garments at that time and people were inclined to dress up fashionably. As a Group, the vision is very clear that we want to be the Number 1 retail, wholesale and online fashion company. Last 30 years has been a great phase of learning for all of us and the next 10 years will be even more effective as the next generation of top management will be joining in to take the organization to all new heights and make it even more progressive than now. I am extremely proud of the fact that all of us have the willingness to adapt to new changes and foresightedness to make the Group most successful one.

Kapsons has a huge brand image and to maintain and promote it,
we make sure that the customers always buy quality product from us and trust us at all levels. By proper marketing with the use of proper online and offline mediums, and by launching more stores across India, this brand image can further grow by leaps and bounds.

The secret of the success of Kapsons is the collective hard work, consistency, dedication, timely deliverables every time new fashion arrives. We maintain our superb reputation by ensuring that with each passing season people get to purchase latest fashion trends
in stores.

We are very proud of the fact that our employees are loyal and there are many employees who are working with us for many years. This provides for the evidence that the company is very fair with its employees. Our employees are from various parts of the country and a lot of them also start their career from here. There is enough to learn at Kapsons. People enhance their personal and professional skills and their feedback to us is also the same. People really learn how to up challenges, learn new things and how to deal with pressure and still get the work done with absolute finesse.

With 30 years of Kapsons’ journey, we have already proved that we know how to manage stores operationally and administratively.
Our major focus now is on building Kapsons online, which is definitely a new challenge for us, I am sure the Group will set up a benchmark for other companies as well and our target be the number 1 online retail company as well.

My message to everyone is to never be afraid of taking up new challenges at work and learning new things. I also encourage our employees to impart knowledge to the new comers. Learning should be a mutual process and knowledge grows by spreading it.

I am looking forward to the next 5 years, as this period will be the turning point of the company since more family members and more people have joined in. More people means more work and there will be no looking back for us.

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