Mr. Akshay kapoor

My vision for Kapsons is to see more than 100 stores of Kapsons and Kapkids brands in the North of India. We have aced the fashion industry business and are loved by our customers for the past 30 years. Without any influx of funds from anywhere else, with the minimum amount of capital to where we have reached with our efforts is a tremendous achievement. We have built an invincible reputation in the market. I am extremely proud of all the above facts.

The most important thing to promote Kapsons as a brand image is the work force that operates with us. Every single individual is important . It is because of our human resources we are where we are. My secret is to “Live and let live.” I like to give people their independence to perform and operate. They should be able to execute their own plans, this will also make them happy in what they do. I believe if creative thinking is driven by someone else, it’s no creativity at all.

We plan to expand the offline business by launching almost three stores every year, but, there is a lot of potential to grow the business on online platforms. Online has taken a lot customers away but has also given a lot of customers also. Online market has created a lot of awareness in the smaller cities and towns. It is good if there is competition. I feel any kind of competition is healthy competition as it gives you the opportunity to know your drawbacks and improve
your flaws.

Any business, be it real estate, electronics, retail, anything, is purely about marketing. So if the convincing power through marketing is strong, the customers will be compelled to purchase. Our employees are the main source of success. I manage my employees by giving them the freedom to explore their own horizons. I am here to manage my team. My aim is to sort any professional or personal issues and let them work with a clean mind so that they are able to perform better. I will be happy doing the same for any number of years to come.


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