Mr. Tushar Kapoor

Joining Kapsons as a next-gen Director did come easy to me as it is a family business but now I realize that my role is more challenging than it sounds and I look forward to get this business achieves new heights. I am greatly inspired by how Kapsons has been led and managed so far by our fathers and I hope I will be able to take it on an even higher pedestal. In the next 10 years, I see Kapsons going to different markets and states, opening new stores in big and small cities and going online in a big way.

I am extremely proud of the Kapsons legacy of 30 years and where we have reached. We can expand the brand image even further by increasing our followers on Social Media and indulging in new technologies for brand promotion. Also, adding new brands and focusing on the quality and customer service can definitely increase the brand image amongst our customers.

As a team, I prefer to sit together with my team and brainstorm about strategies of work rather than telling them what to do. It’s a mutual day-by-day learning for all of us. Kapsons has already gone through tremendous changes since its conception but now I see the employees are making more decisions towards handling work. I believe in giving more responsibility and decision-making powers to my team.

As an organization, our customers and suppliers are very important to us and we maintain a good rapport with them. Amazing work relationships with everyone keep me going as a Director, and keep me motivated to take up new challenges at work. I see Kapsons as an even bigger group in both online and offline markets in the coming years.

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