Mohit Katyal

I joined the Marketing Department of Kapsons in November 2014. Since then, working at Kapsons is like knowing how you can achieve more professionally with each season. Here at Kapsons we try to achieve annual goals with utmost sincerity and focused approach. Retail parameters keep changing rapidly, so at Kapsons we always try to create a benchmark every time through campaigns, creatives & other marketing activities that can easily attract the customers.

Over the years, advertising campaigns have become more customer engaging, rewarding & aggressive and therefore our marketing strategies are also becoming more and more aggressive over the period of time. Four years back when I joined, the print advertisements were dependant on the English Daily and City Supplements, but now our primary focus is to reach maximum number of customers across North India region via innovative advertising in the bestselling English, Hindi & Punjabi Newspapers. Not only in print, digitally we are now actively promoting through Geo-fencing, News & Information web portals and various mobile Apps along with increasing the customers engagement through Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Kapsons is a great place to learn about new market trends and strategies and to groom oneself professionally. I learnt a lot from my mentor, Mr.Anil Kadian about the retail marketing & campaign leading. The Director, Mr. Akshay Kapoor is my inspiration to discover & experiment new verticals without worrying of the outcome which in turn helps me in achieving big results.

All in all, branding, media buying & campaign designing for 25 Stores along with over a 100 Global brands is a task which the marketing team is trying to perform effectively under the wonderful leadership of Mr.Akshay Kapoor & Mr.Darpan Kapoor.