Dharminder Chauhan

I started working at Kapsons as a Counter sales representative in 1991. Later when Kapkids was launched, I was promoted as the incharge of the Kapkids store. Fortunately, my hardwork was noticed by Mr. Darpan Kapoor and Mr. Vipin Kapoor and slowly I was taking care of Mechandising and also Operations at one point of time. I kept getting due rewards, appreciations and promotions over a due course of time. I have received more than I ever imagined from this company. I was also gifted a car by Mr. Darpan Kapoor in 2006. Dedicated and hardworking employees do get appreciated and are rewarded equally in this organization. Today, I am a proud member of Kapsons and ever since I joined, my journey has been nothing less than wonderful and I am enjoying my work a lot till date. I am totally indebted and thankful to Mr. Darpan Kapoor and Mr. Vipin Kapoor for their superb guidance in all phases of my professional and personal life and for making me who I am today. I wish Kapsons endless successful years ahead.