Gurpreet Singh

I joined Kapsons in the year 1999. This is was my first job and I started as an Assistant in the Inventory Department. There used to be a very small back-end team operating from Sector 17 Chandigarh at that time. Since then it has been an amazing overall journey with this organization and a wonderful experience to work here. I am truly indebted to the Directors and founders of this company – Mr. Vipin Kapoor and Mr. Darpan Kapoor to guide me and also teach me how this business works.

In 2017 I had quit the job to start some new venture of my own but after I had quit, I realised that I was too attached to the organization and the way it functioned that I had to come back. This time I was even more driven to take the Kapsons’ business to new heights because that’s what really gives me happiness. I take care of the Business Channel Network Department here and to be connected with various brands and see the company grow each year by leaps and bounds given me immense pleasure.