Kanika Chopra

I joined Kapsons in 2008 as an Executive Merchandiser as the first team member in the Merchandising Department under the supervision of Mr. Jatin Bedi. I learnt a lot then and was given a lot of recognition for my work and was eventually promoted as Manager – Merchandising (Adults). I resigned Kapsons due to some personal reasons in 2013 and rejoined in 2017 as Manager – Merchandising (Kids).

The organization is great because the senior Directors – Mr.Vipin Kapoor and Mr. Darpan Kapoor are amazing with their knowledge and supervision. They have an extremely clear vision for the organization and never miss a chance to help the employees to get engaged in their work and make it more interesting for them by making them understand what they do and what they can benefit out their work professionally. Their constant feedback helps me in meeting targets and perform well. My primary role in Kapsons is handling the kids department which includes technical terminologies like ‘Buying Plan, Business plan, Inventory Control etc.’ Dealing with International Brands has given me a lot of exposure and knowledge about changing trends, and, dealing with the stores gives me practical knowledge of customer feedback and requirement of garments.

The best part of being in this this organization is the empathy shown towards employees by the top management which creates a deep emotional connection of trust and makes employees want to stick around as they know they will be understood, motivated and appreciated. Working in such an excellent environment keeps my attitude positive towards life.