Tanya Raizada

I joined Kapsons 9 years back and commenced my career with this organization. Never did I imagine that it will be the most exciting company to work with. This is my second innings with Kapsons and I must say these years have been full of growth and opportunities that helped me evolve as an individual and a professional.

The best part about working with Kapsons is the leadership under which employees are given the autonomy to make decisions. If you are confident and have the expertise in your work, the opportunities to take on more roles and learning new skills are endless.

I joined Kapsons as the Human Resources Manager, and the HR department being a backend team was one of the silent players of the company. With the trust of Kapsons’ management and company’s young leaders, I was able to bring changes to bring HR’s presence at the front end as one of the most instrumental departments of the group having good coordination with our third party and associated brand partners as well.

I can endorse the fact that at Kapsons not a single day has been the same as the previous one. You get to challenge yourself with every assignment you work on. We believe in brainstorming and achieving more as a team, mutually benefitting everyone. A positive “can do” attitude and willingness to “think outside the box” is honoured here and with the right attitude you can go a long way …”